4 Taylor Swift boyfriends and the songs they’ve inspired

It’s no secret that many of your beloved Taylor Swift songs have been based on one of her ex-boyfriends over the years. Inspired by the experiences she’s had with these men, Taylor has created some incredible favourites for more than ten years now. 

Today at 9jaBeat, we’ll be talking about these songs and the men that inspired them. In doing so, we hope that you’d be able to have a better appreciation and understanding of these Grammy-award winning music. 

Getaway Car

Album: Reputation

Who’s it for: Tom Hiddleston

Story of the song: The song speaks about a woman escaping in a getaway car with a driver. The song speaks of their many adventures and how this journey was doomed from the very beginning. As the song continues, the woman talks about the regret of her leaving her driver as she continues to escape to freedom. 

In relation to Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s relationship, Getaway Car is all about Taylor using Tom as something like a getaway car to escape her souring relationship with Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris. 


Album: 1989

Who’s it for: Harry Styles

Story of the song: Style is all about a woman and her handsome lover’s failing relationship. By painting a picture of what this man looks like and his emotional effect on her, the woman makes it clear that she’s not yet ready to let go of this relationship—even if this long drive could only end in either burning flames or paradise. 

Aside from the dead giveaway of a title, it was clear that Taylor was describing what Harry Styles looked like. The line ‘You got that long hair, slicked back’ speaks about the hairstyle Styles had during 2015, the year the song was released. 

Back to December

Album: Speak Now 

Who’s it for: Taylor Lautner 

Story of the song: When exes meet, it’s always an awkward experience. In Back to December, Taylor Swift sings an apology letter to Taylor Lautner. As their time together continuously grows, Swift is slowly realizing that her feelings for Lautner are not as strong as both of them would have liked.

All Too Well

Album: Red 

Who’s it for: Jake Gyllenhaal

Story of the song: All Too Well is a story many young women are familiar with. In this story of heartbreak, we follow a young woman and her relationship with a man who’s significantly older than her. In this relationship, her lover has been incredibly cruel to her that made her paralyzed for a long time.

It has been reported that Taylor’s experience with Jake was not a good one. If the song’s lyrics are any indication, the two have obviously been lost in translation. Additionally, the lyric ‘It’s supposed to be fun turning twenty-one’ is a clear reference to Swift’s age when the two broke up in 2010. 

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