10 songs that will make you feel amped up when you’re down

When you’re feeling down because of life’s challenges, you need some fun music to bring some exhilarating thrills back into your life. No matter what brings you down, you’ll be able to get back up through some fun music. 

Today at 9jaBeat, we’ll be sharing with you our personal hype playlist and the stories they tell to help you overcome your feelings of melancholy. 

Stan Bush – Dare

Oftentimes in our lives, we’ve felt defeated. That no matter the attempts we’ve made, we’ve found our efforts to blow up in our faces or simply fail altogether. Because of these experiences, it’s totally normal to feel like your hopes have all been shattered and there’s nowhere to turn.

However, if you think of all the things that really mattered and the chances you’ve earned, you’ll find that a fire in your heart is growing. Once you listen to this emanating feeling of power and leave the past behind, Heaven only knows what you will find. 

In this song, Stan Bush encourages you to dare to believe that you can survive. With you having your future in your hand, you can make all your dreams alive. 

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing 

As we venture forth towards our dreams, the feeling of being lost is normal. Whether you’re a small-town girl living in a lonely world or a singer in a smoky room, we’re all just waiting and living just to find emotion. 

Many times, we’ve taken unknown and sometimes downright questionable roads that have been leading us nowhere and anywhere. However, as we search for hope and our dreams in the night, we need to listen for a great feeling of rising back again. With this renewed sense of strength, we have to hold on to that feeling and don’t stop believing. 

This band reminds us about how important the challenges in our life’s journey are important. That even if they’ve made us feel broken and down, they also encourage us to dig deep within ourselves and find the strength to follow through. 

David Glen Eisley – Sweet Victory 

When there are new chances up for the taking, you need to have the will to overcome any challenges that come your way. This is because, for you, sweet victory is yours for the taking.

When things become more and more of a struggle, you must rise and never give up! Against all the odds, against all the pain, unleash your wild heart that can never be tamed. For when you falter, you won’t win any silver, you’re only losing the gold.

David Glen Eisley challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone in this epic power ballad. That as you don’t look back in a world that’s closing in and push towards your destiny, you will be transformed into the winner who takes it all. 

Spectre General – Nothing’s Gonna Stand In Our Way

No matter who you are, know that you are a fortunate one. With the passion and the pride of your youth, there is nothing that can deny you. 

That’s why you need to find those like you, and bring them all for one heck of a sweet joy ride. With no one to deny you and having time on your side, grab whatever life throws at you! This is because after waiting for all your lives, it’s time to know your time has come. 

Spectre General encourages you to use your youth and vigour to finally have your great moment in the sun! As the sun shines on you, get ready for new expectations and have no alibis as you claim your moment and not let anyone stand in your way. 

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

At one point in your life, you will be both predator and prey. There will be worries of weakness and trials that lead to triumph, so be sure to go the distance and find your will to survive. 

Even when you see yourself fail, be sure to hang tough and stay hungry. For once you find your eye of the tiger, you will discover the thrill of the fight! Even when surrounded by the many challenges of your rivals, as long as you have the guts, know that you will soon have the glory.

It’s pretty clear what the band wants you to be. As a survivor, you must never let go of the dreams of your past and fight to be able to keep them alive—even when you’re out in the heat. So keep on rising up and keep going back on the streets of life and find the ferocious feline within to make you succeed. 

Queen – We Will Rock You

Even the mightiest of champions were once losers who’ve had mud on their face. However, what keeps them from being a big disgrace is their willingness to take on the big world—regardless of whether it’s today or someday. 

To ensure that you’re able to accomplish these goals, you need to find a calling worth living for. Once you do, you’ll need to wave your powerful banner all over the place to show that world that you’re never giving up. Even if you have blood on your face or be put in your place, scream at the top of your lungs of the battle cry of your dreams.

Just like their band name, Queen wants you to be like the monarch they portray—fierce, tenacious, and ready to rock the world that hates and fears you. 

The Script – Hall of Fame

In your life, you will always be known for the titles the world has given you. From starting small as a student to being powerful champions and truth seekers, whatever you do with these titles will surely let you stand in the hall of fame.

Once your dedication has allowed you to let the world know your name, you shall burn like the brightest flame. This is why you need to build yourself up so you can move your mountains and be able to break your struggles strong as rocks. 

Should doubt start creeping in your mind, then think of the people and your pride. After all, how are you ever going to know victory if you’ve never even tried? 

The Script believes that with your great dedication, you can break all the records they thought never could be broken. For they believe that you can go the distance and walk straight through hell with a smile. 

Elton John – I’m Still Standing

In your journey into rising up and becoming a champion, not everyone will be happy in your hard work. Many people will believe that you’re a fool who could never win. When they put you down, you may feel like you could never hope to find that success and joy you’re looking for.

Then, when you’ve slowly but surely started to pick the pieces of your life without the doubters on your mind, you’ll find that you’re still standing. After all this time, you will look like a true survivor, even like a little kid! 

Elton John teaches you in this song that if life was a circus, all your doubters would be clowns by now. So learn to filter out their words and find yourself stronger than you’ll ever be. 

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

In times of loss and doubt, you may find yourself as your own worst enemy. During these times, you’ll find the voices in your inner demons will screech loudly to tell you what you cannot accomplish. 

Fortunately, these are not the words that you say! So know it’s time to scream back to these demons and let your mind be filled with your voice this time. After years of wallowing in your anxiety and doubts, this explosion of confidence will now be your fight song, allowing you to take back your life and unleash the fury of fight left in you.

At the end of the day, your greatest enemy shall always be yourself. As your mind is filled with negative talk and self-deprecation, you will surely find yourself defeated. However, know that with one match of being strong, you can light an explosion of freedom you’ve always longed for. 

Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

Many people in life simply walk around the world, feeling empty. Many of them feel alone and empty as if they’re just yet another random face in the crowd. However, before they became these empty shells of people, they were once dreamers like you—but doubt crept in and made them give up. 

Is this the fate that you want? Of course not. So you need to keep on following your goals. Though make no mistake, tomorrow’s getting harder! You can’t even rely on luck because it has never really been lucky, so be sure to make your own breaks. After all, it’s your life and you’re not going to live forever. That’s why now, it’s now time to start living while you’re alive.

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