Immerse yourself in new experiences with these 6 movie songs

Some of the best movies ever created have epic soundtracks. With the music adding a new layer of emotion to our beloved films, they’ve become more ingrained into our lives. When we start listening to these songs, we take our favourite stories with us every day.

Today at, we’ll be showcasing each of these incredible songs so that you can listen to and be part of your favourite movies.

I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Singer: Aerosmith

Movie: Armageddon 

When you’ve found the one for you, you’d love to cherish every moment you have with them. That while you’re with them, you may find yourself wanting to spend your life in this sweet surrender. With every moment you’re spending with them, you may find yourself wishing to stay lost in this moment forever. After all, every moment spent with them is truly a moment to treasure.


Singers: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Movie: A Star is Born

In today’s society, you may have been feeling a lot of pressure. Without the happiness you’re looking for in this modern world, you may already be feeling tired trying to fill that void. Like many others, all these trials have been forcing you to stay hardcore. However, even in all these bad times, this is where you’ll find the change that you need to find yourself. 

Over the Rainbow

Singer: Judy Garland 

Movie: The Wizard of Oz

A story about dreams and hope, Somewhere Over the Rainbow rekindles your child-like demeanor within you. With your innocence rebirthed, you will remember what it’s like to wonder and be amazed about the world around you. That somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true. 

My Heart Will Go On

Singer: Celine Dion

Movie: Titanic

There will be times when you’ve met someone beautiful but won’t be a permanent part of your life. That every night in your dreams, you will see them and feel them. That there might be far spaces and distances between you, it can be hard for your heart to go on. This is because when love has touched you one time, it will last for a lifetime. 

Life is a Highway

Singer: Rascals Flatts

Movie: Cars

In the journey of life, you will experience a lot of roadblocks and detours. It can be a long and hard journey, but with the right people with you, life can be a highway that’s fun to drive all night long. 

Hakuna Matata

Singers: Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver and Joseph Williams

Movie: Lion King 

When times get hard, it’s always nice to have some hilarious friends to have along for the ride! When looking for friends, it’s important that you get ones with a great motto. For no ‘motto’ what you’re going through, you are assured no worries for the rest of your days! So to discover a problem-free philosophy, just say ‘Hakuna Matata!’

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