9 songs for different stages of your love life

In the world of music, love is the greatest emotion of all. From the thrilling feelings of your first love, the magic of a one that thrives and even the powerful pain of a lost one, there’s always a song that can describe the various stages of love in our lives. 

Today at 9jaBeat, we’ll be celebrating the various stages of your love journey through a playlist that showcases these various points. 

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

It’s possible that you have met a lot of people in your life that made you happy. However, due to your differences, or possibly a heightened level of similarity, the two of you have split up. Then, when you’ve found someone who’s shared your dreams, you’ve started hoping that someday, you’ll share their home. 

Once you’ve found this perfect someone, you’ll be willing to fight all odds and know that this time, it will be alright. That for all the pain and struggles you’ve had in life, it’s all been leading to this moment where you’ve found someone beautiful and sweet. You may feel like you don’t deserve them, but know that you do. 

This iconic Ed Sheeran song will surely keep you optimistic. As you continue in your struggles to find love and find yourself back on your feet, know that there’s always someone out there who is ‘perfect’ for you.

The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Have you ever felt a love that you just can’t move on from? That no matter how much you’ve tried, you hope that one day, they’ll wake up and find that they’re missing you? Then you are a man who can’t be moved.

The world must have been trying its best to encourage you to move on. From helpful people who talk about your memories with your beloved and saying ‘you can’t stay here’ to rain and snow, you’ve chosen to stand your ground. After all, if they’ve changed their mind, they might still come back to you. 

One of the best and earliest songs from The Script, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved reminds us of the times you’ve felt stuck because of the person you’ve loved. Though it’s painful, know that in a day, a month, a year, you’ll be able to move on and continue on with your life.

Taylor Swift – All Too Well

When you’ve truly loved someone, them hurting you, even if it’s already been years, will make you remember that moment all too well. As the two of you shared some fun music in the car and found yourselves lost upstate, you still picture them after all these days. 

Though these are some happy memories, they’re long gone and the magic’s not there anymore. Now, there’s nothing else you could do, so it’s now time to forget about them long enough until you forget why you needed to. 

This is because if you stay in these memories, they might call you up again and break you like a promise. After all, they’re willing to be casually cruel in the name of being honest. 

A classic song re-released in 2021, Taylor Swift sings about all the suffering one has felt because of the pain of falling in and out of love. That it will someday make a long-lasting mark on you that will make you remember it all too well.

Shane Filan – Beautiful in White 

Once you’ve met someone so beautiful, you have surely found yourself nervous that you couldn’t speak. Though it was hilariously awkward, you knew that at that moment, you’d found the one and that your life has found its missing piece.

At the moment the both of you fall in love and soon get wed, you’ll be finding her glowing and beautiful in white. From now until your very last breath, this will be a day you will forever cherish. 

Shane Filan shows you how your marriage will make your love timeless. With both of your love being endless, you’ll show your beloved that they’re your every reason and all you believe in. As you speak these timeless words, make sure that they’ll feel that you mean every word. 

Avril Lavigne – My Happy Ending

Though it begins with sweet feelings and passionate attraction, some couples will find themselves tasting the sour of the flavour of love gone bad. If you’ve met someone who you thought was everything that you wanted, it may be hard to see if there’s still a happy ending waiting for you. 

Even if the two of you tried to talk it over, your words have fallen on deaf ears, making you doubt yourself and who really broke your relationship. Was it because of something you did or was it something they said? To this day, they’ve left you hanging and suffering from believing they were all the things you thought you knew.

As one of the best, yet most tragic songs in her second album, Avril reminds you of the feeling of thinking about someone who you thought you could be with. Though it was nice to know they were there and acting like they cared, in the end, so much for your happy ending.

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris 

You may be feeling that your life feels like paradise. You have everything you could have ever wanted and only the most minor of problems surround you. So much so, that it’s hard to give you gifts. Making people ask: what do you give to someone who has everything? 

Love—that’s what. That you may feel like your life is so empty without someone’s hand to hold and the warm feeling of a great embrace. Seemingly unattainable, you’ve even found yourself willing to give up forever to feel that wondrous touch of someone who feels you somehow. 

Even if your life is seemingly perfect, you still believe that being with this dream person will only be the time you see them as the one that’s closest to heaven you’ve ever been. 

In this iconic soundtrack from City of Angels, Goo Goo Dolls remind you that the greatest treasure in life is love and the lengths we’re willing to go to to get it. Even when you’re offered heaven itself, you’re willing to give it all up to not just miss your lover tonight.

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

When it comes to love, who hasn’t experienced regret? More painfully, who hasn’t experienced the pain of seeing someone with another? 

Though what you’re going through is hard, have you ever considered that you may have made mistakes? Have your pride, ego, needs, and selfish ways have made a good strong person like them walk out of your life? If so, maybe you should have done better when you were theirs. 

Bruno Mars talks about one of the greatest regrets of love. That as you’ve made so many mistakes in your relationship, this song acts as a fair warning to do all the things you should have done. 

Olivia Rodrigo – good 4 u

After being emotionally broken from your last relationship, it sucks to see that your ex looks happy and healthy with someone new. That even as you’re still lifting yourself back-up from the pain they’ve brought you, it’s like they’ve moved on really easily.

That as you’re still crying on the floor in your bathroom, they’ve already found someone new in just a couple of weeks. What’s worse is, as you look terrible from what happened, they’re still doing great without you. 

Like many people, Olivia Rodrigo understands wishing to be able to move on like that. That a terrible experience of losing your mind and spending the night is something that you might be wishing to end any time too soon. Unfortunately, if your ex is still that happy and healthy and you may still be feeling down, you might find that the only sense of comfort you have is telling them ‘good for you.’

Kiss – I Was Made for Loving You

Finding someone who’s just perfect for you makes the start of your relationship more exciting than you thought. You want to give it to them and in the darkness, there’s so much you want to do. 

Professing to your lover that you were made for loving them, and them for you, know that the two of you will never be able to get enough of each other. When you look into their eyes, you will feel a magic that will drive you wild. 

In this epic song from Kiss, they showcase the thrilling experiences of a passionate lover. When you find this person, you need to make sure that they become yours, and you theirs as to not let you lose the one meant for you.

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